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Bringing The Tarot To Life – Saturday & Sunday 23rd/24th October 2021 10:00am – 4:30pm both days – Basingstoke


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This course is aimed at beginners and those of you who would like to start doing Tarot readings.  It takes you though the 78 cards in the pack,  the various meanings and how to start interpreting the cards as well as the things listed.   You will be doing practical work on day 2 in groups/pairs giving you the opportunity to do some readings in a fun and safe environment.

1  Tarot Cards  – How they came about and their uses

The Energy of the cards – The different suits and meanings

The Major Arcana – The bigger things in the clients/your life

The Minor Arcana – The smaller, yet still very important issues

The Court Cards – Looking at the people they could be or situations the client could be facing

5 Interpretation –  How to start interpreting the cards

6 What’s missing in the cards – Immediate things to look for

Card Spreads – The benefits and restrictions of these

8 Practical Work – You will be doing readings for individuals in groups/pairs using  your Tarot Cards

Refreshments are served throughout both days and a 3 course lunch each day is included in the price.  For those requiring accommodation ‘special rates’ have been agreed with the Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke.  Please email or telephone 07879442176 to arrange.